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10 Snacks to Keep at Your Desk Slideshow

10 Snacks to Keep at Your Desk Slideshow

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Healthy, go-to snacks for the workplace


While you shouldn't overdo it with soy products, snacking on them every once in a while may bring you back to focus, fill you up, and do it all without destroying your waistline. Soy protein is rich in branched-chain amino acids, which the body can burn as fuel to produce energy throughout your day, as well as keep you full.

Perfectly Packable: There are plenty of rice cakes and soy crisps that come pre-packed and are easily toted around. For something decadent during your mundane office day, try eating dark chocolate-covered edamame pods for a filling fix.

Soy Snacks


While you shouldn't overdo it with soy products, snacking on them every once in a while may bring you back to focus, fill you up, and do it all without destroying your waistline. For something decadent during your mundane office day, try eating dark chocolate-covered edamame pods for a filling fix.

Peanut Butter


You've been packing this snacktime staple in your brown bag since you were six, and with good reason. Mom wasn't just looking for a quick fix; she was giving you a lunch that boosts energy, fills you up, and has a bunch of positive health effects. Eating peanut butter or peanuts has been associated with lowering total cholesterol, LDL (or bad cholesterol), and triglycerides.

Perfectly Packable: Tired of enjoying this creamy treat between two slices of bread? Try smearing it on filling foods like apples or rice cakes to keep you focused and full.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese


Eating cottage cheese might not seem like a perfect desk snack, but it will certainly provide you with more kick than a bag of chips. Low-fat cottage cheese can provide you with 15 grams of high-quality protein to keep you full, without the negative effects of sugar to slow you down.

Perfectly Packable: Alone, cottage cheese might not be too appealing. So, try it with peaches, strawberries, or blueberries for some powerful antioxidants in a delicious desk snack.


This breakfast staple isn't just good for morning rejuvenation; it can also serve as the perfect office pick-me-up. Since eggs are loaded with nine amino acids, they are one of the foods most loaded with protein. With 14 essential nutrients, eggs provide not only the energy you need, but can also help to combat infections, as well as build and repair the body's tissues and cells.

Perfectly Packable: While a scrambled or sunny-side up egg may be hard to get to the office, hard-boiled eggs are ready to go. Slice them on fresh salad or add a pinch of salt for a tasty break-time snack.

Click here to see What Are Heirloom Eggs?



Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) ground and cooked together with some tahini forms a tasty alternative to an unhealthy dip: hummus. Traditionally a Middle Eastern food, hummus is packed with filling protein to help combat fatigue.

Perfectly Packable: There is no better way to enjoy hummus than to dip fresh veggies or homemade pita chips. But to supercharge your day, try dipping slices of red bell peppers. These peppers provide a ton of energy through their nutrients, and they're easy to prep and take to the office.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and more are not just tangy, sweet fruits to munch on. These treats are fortified with natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose to keep your body moving. Plus, they hold a lot of natural fluid to keep that full feeling longer.

Perfectly Packable: Love all of these fruits, but fear the sticky mess they might leave on your desk? Try mixing them all in a zesty fruit salad in a reusable container. If thats still too much of a risk, slice and squeeze a wedge of citrus fruit in your water and drink up the citrus will perk you up with each sip.

Dark Chocolate


You might have missed including this important (and exciting) addition to your must pack snack list. A square of this decadent treat will not only tickle your taste buds, but it will also increase your productivity. Loaded with antioxidants to aid in everything from weight control to diabetes, dark chocolate can also increase your productivity it has a dose of caffeine to give that extra kick. (It may also be the sweet savior that prevents you from totally losing it on a mundane day.)

Perfectly Packable: If a single square isn't intriguing enough, try melting a portioned size of chocolate, dipping your favorite fruit in it, and chilling it to take along to work.



Don't take this as a cue to gorge on movie theater popcorn — one serving of that stuff can pack as much as 1,500 calories — but consider packing it for the perfect pick-me-up. The high amounts of fiber found in popcorn will keep you nice and full. Because it comes from whole grains, its also a healthier choice than some vending machine snacks. Better yet, it provides energy from carbohydrates, and comes at almost no cost of high calories.

Perfectly Packable: The great news is that microwaveable popcorn is available in individual servings, so you can eat a whole bag guilt-free. But to ensure the healthiest consumption, whipping up a bag of air-pop popcorn at home and sprinkling your own seasonings is an easy personal touch to the food on your desk.



This shriveled, sweet, dried fruit should never be underestimated. Aside from a healthy dose of antioxidants to aid digestion and combat bad cholesterol, a cup of raisins is equal to one daily serving of fruit. Raisins are an ideal food for energy since they provide a carbohydrate distribution of about 36 percent fructose and 32 percent glucose, both of which the body easily converts into fuel.

Perfectly Packable: If raisins alone aren't enough, they can act as a scrumptious accent to most snacks. Peanut butter and celery dotted with raisins makes a tasty childhood favorite of ants on a log, and its an energy double whammy, combining the powers of peanut butter and dried fruits.



The chicken of the sea will soon become the apple of your eye when you hear what a serving of tuna can do for your body. Though canned tuna should be enjoyed in moderation, a few bites of this lunchtime favorite could refresh you in no time. Since your body looks to protein for energy when carbohydrates arent available, a serving of tuna's low-fat protein and high amount of vitamin B will help convert these nutrients into energy.

Perfectly Packable: Don't destroy the taste of tuna with regular mayo. Opt for low-fat mayo and use it sparingly, ditch it altogether and mix it in a leafy salad, or use it as a spread on whole-wheat crackers.

The 10 Best Snacks for Weight Loss, According to a Dietitian

Learn what to look for in a snack so that it helps with weight loss and how to make evening snacks fit into a healthy diet.

Eating a snack between meals helps curb your hunger so that you don&apost inhale your dinner when you finally sit down to eat a meal. Snacking can also help you get in all the nutrients you need. On the flip side, grazing all day-particularly on foods with little nutritional value may result in eating too much. It&aposs a great idea to make sure you have healthy options on hand and you are prepared when hunger strikes. Many of these weight-loss snacks are also great on-the-go snack options. Here we tackle some common snacking questions and then share 10 healthy snacks for when you want to lose weight.

Can snacking be a part of a healthy diet? Of course! When you choose a snack, choose one with protein, fat and/or fiber. All of these nutrients take longer to digest, so they fill you up. Snacks are also a great way to add extra nutrition to your day. Think of snacks like carrots and hummus, an apple with almond butter or whole-grain crackers with cheese. Also, if you let yourself get too hungry, you&aposre more likely to overeat at your next meal. So even though we tend to think of chips and candy as "snack" foods, eating snacks can help you from overeating.

You may think that calories are the most important thing for snacking when it comes to losing weight. But you can have 100 calories of jelly beans and not be satisfied at all, versus eating 200 calories of nuts and dried fruit. That&aposs not to say calories don&apost matter at all, but it&aposs also important to choose a snack that delivers nutrition and fills you up. All of our weight-loss meal plans allow for two snacks a day and on the 1,500-calorie meal plans each snack is around 200 calories per day.

What about evening snacking? The biggest problem with nighttime snacks is most of us typically reach for ice cream and chips—not fruit and yogurt. That&aposs not to say you can&apost have a treat after dinner. Some of your favorite evening snacks may even be on this list (Chocolate! Popcorn!).

One thing to note, if you&aposre always hungry after dinner, make sure your meal is made up of filling and healthy foods and you&aposre getting enough food. If all you&aposre nibbling on is a lackluster salad you may legitimately be hungry and need an evening snack (see our best dinner foods for weight loss).

If you love an evening snack after dinner, serve yourself a healthy portion onto a plate or bowl so you&aposre not scooping straight from the container where you&aposre more likely to eat more. Having your own bowl allows you to check in with your body and hunger levels. Here are our picks for Best & Worst Late-Night Snacks, According to a Dietitian.

More healthy snacking inspiration? These 10 healthy snacks are smart choices that can help you lose weight and include a mix of sweet, savory, crunchy and creamy snacks.

10 Healthy Snacks You Can Keep in Your Desk Drawer

With daytime snacks, it&rsquos easy to depend on your coworker&rsquos candy bowl or a Dunkin D drive-by, but that obviously leads to not-so-great choices. So what's a hungry cyclist to do when the office refrigerator feels like miles away? Stock up on these non-perishable options to keep at your desk when you need a healthy, filling bite between meals.

1. Peanut Butter Balls
They&rsquore a great option to stash in your desk drawer since they don&rsquot require a lot of prep, says Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D., wellness manager at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. Take no sugar-added peanut butter or almond butter, mix in some dark chocolate chips and flax seeds for crunch, combine in a bowl, shape them into little balls, and stick them in the freezer until they&rsquore solid. One of these clocks in at about 150 calories, says Kirkpatrick, who adds that &ldquothey taste really good and will keep you full&rdquo because of the protein in them.

2. Dark Chocolate
Yup, the sweet stuff can be a healthy snack, says Kirkpatrick&mdashas long as it&rsquos 72 percent dark. Studies have shown it has numerous health benefits, including boosting your mood and lowering blood pressure. To avoid the temptation of overindulging, put one square in a Ziploc bag before you take it to work, says Kirkpatrick.

3. Popcorn
Whether it&rsquos the pre-popped variety or a fancy recipe you plan on whipping up yourself, &ldquopopcorn is such a great snack,&rdquo says Kirkpatrick. A 3 ½ cup serving checks in at less than 100 calories, which gives you a lot to nibble on when you&rsquore on deadline and need something to mindlessly munch on.

4. Almond Butter
Alex Caspero, R.D., founder of St. Louis healthy recipe resource Delish Knowledge, recommends snacks that are high in protein because they are the most satiating. One suggestion she makes is stashing individual portions ofalmond butter in your desk and toting along fruit to eat with it. (One option is Justin&rsquos, which makes individual packets.) &ldquoApples stay good at your desk for a long time,&rdquo she says.

5. Seaweed
Seaweed snacks are a &ldquoreally good low-calorie option,&rdquo says Caspero. &ldquoThey&rsquore something that is going to be a good alternative to a chip.&rdquo Brooke Alpert, R.D., founder of nutrition consulting company B Nutritious, echoes that sentiment: &ldquoSeaweed snacks are crazy low in calories but tasty and satisfying."

6. Almonds and Pistachios
&ldquoYou have to have protein to help satisfy,&rdquo says nutrition expert Mitzi Dulan, R.D., highlighting almonds as a great choice due to &ldquothe amount of protein, as well as the fiber and crunch.&rdquo She says pistachios are also a good, tasty bet because they take more energy to eat, which can reduce portion size.

7. Jerky
You may be scarred from filling up on the gas station staple during childhood road trips, but turkey jerky, which Kirkpatrick recommends, is a far cry from the truck stop snack. It&rsquos loaded with protein and super filling. &ldquoI&rsquove yet to meet people that can overeat it,&rdquo says Alpert.

8. Roasted Chickpeas
Wallington, New Jersey-based nutritional expert Samantha Pappas, R.D., suggests seasoned roasted chickpeas&mdashwhether they are homemade or bought prepackaged&mdashas a snack. &ldquoThey give you that crunch, along with high protein and fiber that curb your appetite,&rdquo she says.

9. Dried Fruit
Crispy Green makes pre-portioned servings of seven varieties of freeze-dried fruit and is an excellent snack when you&rsquore on the move, says Pappas. &ldquoThe only ingredient is the fruit itself,&rdquo she says. &ldquoIt&rsquos almost like a fruit chip, and they&rsquore really light and portable.&rdquo

10. Squeeze Pouches
They may look like baby food from afar, but Chia Squeeze packets from Mamma Chia are anything but. Pappas says the 70 to 80 calorie shelf-stable packets, which deliver a fruit and chia seed puree, give you a &ldquonice little bit of carbs and fiber and are really easy to take down.&rdquo

20 Healthy Snack Swaps That Taste Great Too

Avoid the mid-afternoon slump with these nutritious swaps.

Snacks can be a delicious and healthy option to keep you fueled and satisfied during the day, but they can also be quite sneaky sources of added sugar and artificial ingredients. These smart swaps help to amp up the fiber, protein and nutritional value of your favorite bites and minimize any unnecessary sweeteners or junk to help avoid that dreaded sugar crash. While you're at it, check out our favorite recipes for healthy sandwiches, our favorite healthy snacks for work and our guide to 50+ other amazing healthy snacks to enjoy.

1. Dannon Light + Fit Mango Kiwi Non-Fat Yogurt

Per 1-container serving: 90 calories, 0 grams fat (0 grams saturated fat), 7 grams carbohydrates (0 grams fiber, 6 grams sugar, 0 grams added sugar), 65 milligrams sodium, 15 grams protein

Escape to a tropical paradise with a delicious cup of this mango-kiwi yogurt, which won't put a damper on your daily carb or sugar count. It packs 15 grams of muscle-building protein (including collagen) in just one serving, making it a great post-workout snack. Plus, it's low in sugar, with only 6 grams coming from real fruit. Top with your favorite low-sugar granola to add a hearty crunch.

Buy it​: Instacart ​Price​: $1.97

Strawberry & Cream Croissant French Toast For Your Weekend Brunch

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5. A piece of fruit with a handful of nuts

Kris Gunnars, Authority Nutrition

The perfect snack in my opinion is a piece of fruit along with a handful of nuts. I prefer to eat the fruit first, then the nuts. The fruit provides a balanced amount of healthy carbs and fiber, while the nuts provide fiber, healthy fats and a decent amount of protein. I find this combination to be incredibly filling, without too many calories.

Twitter: @AuthNutrition

Mix it up: Try these fruit and nut combinations: pears and hazelnuts, plums and pine nuts, or blood orange and pistachios.

47 Healthy Snack Ideas to Power You Through the Day

If you work a nine-to-five job (or something like it), then you know the importance of having healthy snack ideas at the ready to help you power through the WFH or office grind. A nutritious little midmorning or afternoon munch can provide the fuel top-off you need to stay focused until it’s time to clock out. A good snack is also kind of like a mini-break for your mind and treat for your senses.

Generally, an energizing and sustaining snack is going to have some nutritional staying power in the form of protein, fat, and/or fiber, Toronto-based dietitian Abbey Sharp, R.D., has previously told SELF. And while sometimes all you want is a little nibble, San Francisco–based dietitian and SELF columnist Jessica Jones, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., has said that including at least two different food groups (starches, fats, proteins, or fruits/vegetables) will result in a more substantial snack.

This list is full of convenient and healthy snack ideas, including the personal favorites of a few R.D.s and a bunch of our own picks. There are general recommendations for snack-worthy foods as well as specific prepackaged options, plus a few ideas for homemade snacks you can batch-prep if you're so inclined. Basically, there's a little bit of everything, so that you can find snacks to suit your tastes, dietary needs, and budget—because the best healthy choices look a little different for everybody.

Choose two (or three!) from this list for a more filling combination snack, and mix it up so you get a nice variety of nutrients, flavors, and textures—protein and carbs, salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy—to keep your snack game fresh. Keep them within arm’s reach of your home (or office) workspace, or in the kitchen as an excuse to get up and stretch your legs for a minute.

Ten Healthy Snacks To Eat At Your Desk

Sweet potato stuffed with tuna? That may not sound like the most appetizing snack, but it's delicious, and it's got a great balance of protein, nutrients and fat. That's what you want when you're at your desk and hunger strikes in mid-morning or afternoon, says Los Angeles nutritionist Jonny Bowden, author of nine books including, most recently, Living Low Carb: Controlled-Carbohydrate Eating for Long Term Weight Loss.

Most of us might reach for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, but we'd be much better off if we kept a stash of nutritious noshes on hand. "A snack should be a well-constructed mini-meal," Bowden says. "It should be built around adequate protein, a little bit of fat and hopefully some fiber." He recommends baking a batch of sweet potatoes and stowing them in the fridge. "They get sweet and delicious and soft." Stuff a little tuna packed in water inside, and pack in a plastic container. Voila, a tasty mini-meal.

Ideally office snacks should provide 200 calories or less. But Bowden also recommends even lower-cal choices, like a single hard-boiled egg. One egg has around 70 calories and is packed with five or six grams of protein. Though you should always be striving for a balance of fiber, protein, nutrients and fat, don't expect every snack to provide those elements. Just try to pick a food that's nutritious and fits in, calorie- and nutrition-wise, with the rest of your diet.

Another snack Bowden loves: half an avocado, which he calls "the unsung hero of the snack kingdom." This creamy green fruit is surprisingly high in fiber, with nine to 11 grams per avocado.

If you don't have time to cook sweet potatoes or boil eggs, Bowden recommends some ready-made snacks to grab and stow in your desk drawer. String cheese, for instance, is high in protein, offers a bit of fat and has only 80 calories. Horizon makes an organic brand that Bowden likes.

Some health bars also make good snacks, Bowden says. He likes the Lara and Atkins brands. Lara bars don't offer protein, but they're packed with healthy fruit and nuts Atkins bars have no trans fats, and they're high in fiber, low in sugar and offer some proteins. Almonds are another easy, tasty choice to keep on hand. One ounce, about 12 nuts, has 184 calories and good omega-9 fatty acids, the fat also contained in olive oil that's associated with heart health. Almonds also have fiber and protein.

Bowden's bottom line: Stay away from sugar-rush snacks like chocolate and cookies. They send your blood sugar soaring, increase your insulin output and signal your kidneys to hold on to sodium. You may feel a boost in the short term, but in a couple of hours you'll come crashing down. You'll be better off with a balanced mini-meal that keeps your blood sugar steady and contributes to your overall nutrition.

In February 2018, I took on a new job managing and writing Forbes' education coverage. I'd spent the previous two years on the Entrepreneurs team, following six years

In February 2018, I took on a new job managing and writing Forbes' education coverage. I'd spent the previous two years on the Entrepreneurs team, following six years writing for the Leadership channel. My mission with education is to explore the intersection of education and business. I'm recruiting contributors and also looking for my own stories. I’ve been at Forbes since 1995, writing about everything from books to billionaires. Among my favorite stories: South Africa’s first black billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, and British diamond jewelry mogul Laurence Graff, both of whom built their vast fortunes from nothing. At Forbes magazine I also did a stint editing the lifestyle section and I used to edit opinion pieces by the likes of John Bogle and Gordon Bethune. I got my job at Forbes through a brilliant libertarian economist, Susan Lee, whom I used to put on television at MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. Before that I covered law and lawyers for journalistic stickler, harsh taskmaster and the best teacher a young reporter could have had, Steven Brill.


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