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The Friday Buzz: Paul Rudd (Continued), Cozy Sherpa Blankets, and Baileys Irish Baking Chips

The Friday Buzz: Paul Rudd (Continued), Cozy Sherpa Blankets, and Baileys Irish Baking Chips

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Welcome to our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week: Does Paul Rudd age? Are sherpa blankets worth it? Baileys Irish Baking Chips? AND SO MUCH MORE!

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week: Does Paul Rudd age? Are sherpa blankets worth it? Baileys Irish Baking Chips? AND SO MUCH MORE!

This week I have traveled to the sunny land of Arizona for Pinner’s Conference. Ever heard of it? It’s basically two jam-packed days of learning new crafting techniques (I’m a hard core crafter through-and-through!) and also taking classes centered around DIY, cooking, self-improvement, party planning, holidays, and everything else in between.

What’s cool is you can customize the classes you take! While I’m going with a few of my friends, we all picked classes depending on our interests. I’m taking a macrame wall hanging class, a charcuterie board styling class, learning how to travel more while spending less, learning how to do hand lettering, and a few others.

I’m ready to learn all the things, bask in the glorious Arizona sun, and spend some much needed time with friends! So if anyone needs me, I’ll be living it up mom-style in my mom-jeans with a refreshing Diet Coke in hand.

Let’s see how Our Site Team has been living it up, shall we?


  • Guess the age! Cambria shared this quiz with us on seeing if you could guess which picture of Paul Rudd is older… I took it and got a whopping 16/20!
  • Say cheese! Any grilled cheese lovers out there? This toaster would be a fun holiday gift!
  • Beddy’s! I bought Beddy’s bedding for my kids a few months ago and love it. It’s so easy for them to make their beds now and it’s incredibly comfy. I recently bought this one for myself and am ridiculously smitten.
  • Warmer days ahead Megan has been freezing in her office this week (the weather has shifted dramatically here in the PNW) and decided she needs this cozy sherpa throw!
  • Cookie monster Carrie says these baking chips are the perfect balance of chocolate and Irish creaminess and add a little sparkle to any cookie tray.
  • Little Sprouts Megan’s friend, Sara, came out with a beautiful new ebook about helping get your kiddos to eat more veggies. All really doable, not fussy recipes!


Let’s talk about GRAHAM CRACKER CRUSTS! Our readers weighed in on what they would top this Graham Cracker Crust with. Most popular answer? KEY LIME PIE! Other top contenders that made the list:

  • Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Cream Pie
  • Banana Cream Pie (recipe coming soon!)
  • Just eating the crust plain because it’s just that good. (Okay, that was my choice, but many readers totally agreed with me!)


Keep those comments coming! You keep us busy and we LOVE IT! Lucie recently wrote to us about our Rotisserie Chicken Stroganoff and said:

This recipe is a keeper! I always have a rotisserie chicken on hand and love discovering new recipes that use it. I didn’t have any egg noodles so I used mashed potatoes. Delicious! This came together quickly. The recipe was well written and easy to follow. Thanks SO much!

Once again, rotisserie chicken saves the day!

Cheers to the weekend!

Le gâteau au fromage Baileys au four Le gâteau au fromage Baileys au four est délicieux, facile à préparer et rempli de fromage crémeux au goût de liqueur sucrée. Le gâteau au fromage Baileys est notre préféré

Délicieusement méchant à tous points de vue, notre gâteau au fromage Baileys cuit au four est le nec plus ultra des bons desserts.

Cette recette de gâteau au fromage Baileys au four est facile à préparer et a un goût divin. Notre version est si simple à faire que tout ce que vous avez à faire est de combiner très peu d’ingrédients, y compris de la double crème et des Baileys pour la garniture et des biscuits digestifs et du beurre pour la base. Parce que cette recette de gâteau au fromage n’est pas cuite, il n’est pas nécessaire de la mettre au four il vous suffit de le mettre au réfrigérateur et d’attendre quelques heures ou toute la nuit qu’il se stabilise.

Idéal pour les réunions d’été ou comme dessert après le rôti du dimanche, ce gâteau au fromage Baileys est un délicieux dessert que tout le monde adorera. Saupoudrer de chocolat râpé ou de cacao en poudre et garnir de crème. Lèvre délicieusement délicieuse!

Aimez-vous faire cuire? Nous avons beaucoup plus de délicieuses recettes de gâteaux ici!

Pastırmalı Doldurulmuş Domuz Bonfile Tarifi

  • 2 yemek kaşığı zeytinyağı
  • 1 orta boy elma, soyulmuş ve küçük küpler halinde kesilmiş (yaklaşık 1 fincan)
  • 1/4 orta boy sarı soğan, ince doğranmış (yaklaşık 1/3 fincan)
  • 1 çorba kaşığı doğranmış taze biberiye
  • 1 yemek kaşığı doğranmış taze kekik
  • 1-2 kalın dilim ekmek (1/2 fincan iri galeta unu yapmak için yeterli)
  • 1 yemek kaşığı Dijon hardalı
  • 1/8 çay kaşığı tuz ve tadı daha fazlası
  • 1/8 çay kaşığı biber ve tadı daha fazlası
  • 1 domuz bonfile (1 ila 1 1/4 pound)
  • 8 ila 10 dilim pastırma (yaklaşık 12 ons), ikiye bölünmüş


1 Pagwilig sa loob ng isang 6-quart o mas malaking mabagal na kusinilya na may spray na nonstick na pagluluto.

2 Timplahan ang baboy: Pagsamahin ang 2 kutsarita ng kosher salt at 1/2 kutsarita ng itim na paminta sa isang maliit na mangkok. Budburan ito nang lubusan sa baboy, gamit ang labis na asin at paminta kung kinakailangan upang masaganang takpan ang lahat ng panig

3 Haluin ang baboy: Painitin ang langis sa isang malaking palayok, oven sa Dutch, o cast iron skillet sa sobrang init. Siguraduhing i-on ang vent at itapon ang mga bintana habang lilikha kami ng maraming usok.

Kapag ang langis ay kumikislap, idagdag ang baboy. Dapat itong agad na magtingog. Paghaluin ang baboy para sa 3 hanggang 5 minuto sa lahat ng panig - nais mo ang isang magandang golden-brown crust sa bawat panig. Huwag itong pilitin. Kung dumidikit ang baboy sa kawali, maghintay ng isa o dalawa pang minuto hanggang madali itong mailabas bago lumiko.

Ilipat ang seared baboy sa mabagal na kusinilya.

4 lutuin ang mga sibuyas: Sa parehong palayok na ginamit sa paghahanap ng baboy, idagdag ang mga sibuyas at bawasan ang init hanggang katamtaman. Magluto hanggang sa lumambot ang mga sibuyas at magsimulang kumuha ng kaunting kulay, mga 5 minuto. Gamitin ang likido na pinakawalan ng mga sibuyas upang maikas ang masarap na browned bits sa ilalim ng kawali habang nagluluto sila.

Ilipat ang mga lutong sibuyas sa mabagal na kusinilya kasama ang baboy.

5 Idagdag ang natitirang mga sangkap sa mabagal na kusinilya: Sa isang maliit na mangkok, paghaluin ang natitirang 1 kutsarita asin, ang natitirang 1/2 kutsarita na itim na paminta, ang Dr Pepper, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, toyo, honey, mustard seed, chili flakes, Worcester sauce, at likidong usok ( kung gumagamit ng). Ibuhos ito sa baboy at mga sibuyas. Ikalat ang mga durog na garlic sa paligid ng baboy.

Sa puntong ito, maaari mong takpan ang baboy at ilagay ito sa ref sa magdamag, o hanggang handa ka nang magsimulang magluto.

6 Lutuin ang baboy: Ilagay ang takip sa mabagal na kusinilya. Magluto ng 8 hanggang 10 oras sa LOW - mas matagal mas mabuti.

7 Pinutol ang baboy at ihatid: Kapag tapos na ang pagluluto, ilipat ang karne sa isang malaking paghahatid ng ulam gamit ang sipit. Scoop ang lahat ng mga lutong sibuyas at basagin din ang bawang, dahil magdagdag sila ng maraming lasa.

Gumamit ng isang pares ng mga tinidor upang mapunit at putulin ang baboy. Gumalaw ng ilan sa likidong pagluluto, isang kutsara nang paisa-isa, upang gawing mas malasa ito, at maghatid.

Ang mga natira ay mananatili sa loob ng 1 linggo na pinalamig, o hanggang sa 3 buwan na nagyeyelo.


Başlangıç ​​yemeği olarak her zaman domuz eti sandviç yaparım. Kalabalığı besliyorlar, bu da, uğrayabilecek arkadaşları veya aileleri doyurmaya yetecek kadar olduğunu bildiğim anlamına geliyor. Çekilmiş domuz sandviçleri, ailenin tüm üyeleri tarafından evrensel olarak sevilir ve yenir, bu da bana övgü dolu eleştiriler ve sıfır şikayet ile bir akşam yemeği sağlar. Anne: 1. Seçici Yiyenler: 0. Bu tür bir puan kartını takdir edebilirim.

Bunlardan bir akşam geçirdikten sonra, o kıyılmış eti bir dizi farklı yemeğe dönüştürüyorum.

…and for dessert Fall into a pot of Chocolate Fondue…

FYI: Fondue is Swiss in origin and is a baked soufflé-like dish of hot liquid in which small pieces of food (in this case fruits, cakes and marshmallows) are cooked or dipped: beef fondue chocolate fondue.

…and it can be quite romantic too ( yet another method to stay warm in the chilly Fall season=Fondue>>>>>>just kidding I meant Romance)!

Now that we have discussed the Science, Skin Care, Fashion, and Dishes of the Fall season…we know it is a time of “coming to the end” as we will “lose an hour” (you remember daylight saving…fall backward and Spring forward), we know that when coming to any “end” you should look back in reflection and reevaluate your past actions and decisions as you look forward to what is new!

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