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The No-Cook Appetizer You Should Bring to Holiday Parties

The No-Cook Appetizer You Should Bring to Holiday Parties

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Warning: You may need to make a double batch.

This recipe from Elizabeth Heiskell’s book, What Can I Bring? is an easy-to-tote appetizer that's perfect for holiday cocktail or dinner parties, and it’s a real crowd-pleaser. When you’re short on time but still want to bring something tasty for your host, these marinated olives are easy to whip together. It's also great for hosts who need a simple snack to tide guests over until dinner, or to round out an appetizer spread.

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Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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You can make a large batch ahead of time and leave them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. The best part? They get even more delicious the longer they can soak up the zesty citrus, herb, and garlic mixture.

We like to use a mix of briny kalamata and mild, fruity Castelvetrano olives, both available at most specialty market antipasti bars. Though feel free to change up the olives and herbs used to create your own unique holiday appetizer.

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